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Muay Thai BlogCast 002 - Liam Harrison & Competition Announcement

March 29th, 2017

For the second show of the Muay Thai BlogCast what we have for you is the UK No.1 and 8x World Champion Liam Harrison, talking about his fight at the weekend at YOKKAO and his retention of his World title. How he got into Muay Thai and the development of his career over the past 18 years.

Muay Thai Blog are also announcing the competition that we have running from now until the prizes arrive from Thailand and when I get down to Bad Co. to get them signed which will be as soon as I get them. To enter, leave us a 5* review on iTunes for a chance to win a pair of signed YOKKAO shorts. For a chance to win a signed pair of YOKKAO gloves then head over to the MTBUK Facebook page and give us a like, share the page (set to public so i can check that you have shared it) and drop us a message with your story of how you discovered Muay Thai and why/how you fell in love with it.

Thanks again to Liam for coming on, a true professional and credit to the sport! Don't forget to head over to the various social media accounts and give us a follow/like/subscribe whatever the word is for the platform you are using.

If you would like to feature on the show then let me know either through one of the social media accounts or email me at and I will get you on!

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